As structural engineers, we consistently deliver excellence in service and product. We act in the interest of our clients and the built environment.

Architectural Structures

Strength, serviceability, and economy are traditional measures of success for engineered structures. Architectural structures are further subject to aesthetic criteria.

Architectural Engineers Collaborative excels when structure can be a strong visual element, providing order, scale, and material context to a building. Form, proportion, and tectonics are also key design considerations.

Successful architectural structures are products of collaboration between architects and engineers. Our objective is to provide technical solutions that are consistent with the aesthetic and creative visions of our clients.

Building Information Modeling | BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of developing a digital model of the physical components of a building. The model is used to visualize, analyze, and coordinate these components throughout the design and construction process. In addition, the BIM model is useful for cost estimating, coordinating construction, monitoring operations, and tracking maintenance throughout a building's life cycle.

Architectural Engineers Collaborative is an early user and advocate of BIM technology. We are advanced providers of structural BIM services, producing fully integrated, virtual intelligent models of building structures for use in structural analysis, clash detection, material quantity takeoffs, cost estimation, and construction analysis.

Engineering Innovation

Architectural Engineers Collaborative is well grounded in the fundamentals of structural engineering. Our technical strength derives from extensive practice and continuing education in the design of concrete, steel, timber, and masonry building structures. Throughout every project, our engineers carefully evaluate the economy, constructability, and serviceability of alternative systems to provide the most appropriate structural design solutions.

Like other design disciplines, structural engineering benefits tremendously from creativity, imagination, and enterprise. At Architectural Engineers Collaborative, we always look for opportunities to extend engineering fundamentals to achieve technical innovation.

Sustainable | Green | LEED

Architectural Engineers Collaborative has a long history of leadership in sustainable design and high performance green building construction, beginning with the innovative design of Pickle Elementary School/St. John’s Community Center with TeamHaas Architects. In 2001, Pickle/St. John’s was awarded the highest possible rating by the Austin Energy Green Building Program, the first municipal green building program in the nation and a charter member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

In the years since, engineers at AEC have provided engineering expertise for many USGBC LEED-registered and LEED-certified buildings and have contributed to four projects that have been nationally recognized as “Top Ten Green” buildings by the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA/COTE).