Marilyn Newberry

Marilyn Newberry

  • Structural Engineer
  • “Growing up in Fort Worth, I was exposed to world class architecture; such as the Kimbell Art Museum and The Modern. I saw how a structural material like concrete can be exposed to become an architectural form. It is this juxtaposition of how a hard material can be transformed into something elegant that led me to become a structural engineer.”
  • Education
  • University of Texas at Austin - B.S. in Architectural Engineering



As structural engineers, we consistently deliver excellence in service and product. We act in the interest of our clients and the built environment.


Our mission is to provide thoughtful and expert structural design solutions that both fit our clients’ needs and advance their creative visions.


At AEC, we believe that technical proficiency, creativity, and innovation are best cultivated by the free exchange of ideas in a community of diverse strengths and experiences.

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