Waterloo Park

Project Details

Waterloo Park is located adjacent to the intake structure for the Waller Creek Tunnel. The park transformed this neighborhood park into a world class facility with a performance venue, elevated lawn, pedestrian paths, bridges and water features. Downstream of the park, the transformation continues to Lady Bird Lake with several paths, bridges and points of interest.

The park is a place for surprise and discovery. Paths are carved throughout the park to provide pedestrian access and to reveal views, both intimate and expansive. The Suzanne Deal Booth Skywalk allows a path to leave the ground plane and travel above the park at a gentle slope accessible to all pedestrians. The bridge takes the shape of a curving "S", supported from below by strategically placed pipe columns. This playful structure becomes an adventure with an elevated view for all following this path.

Waterloo Park surrounds the intake structure for the Waller Creek Tunnel. The park is abundant with opportunity for leisure and play, with the Moody Amphitheater as a primary attraction. The seating bowl for the amphitheater is a curved and sloping structural lawn, enabled by a heroic concrete structure that cantilevers and spans above the basin below. The shape of the lawn provides inward views of the stage and outward views of the basin and park beyond.

  • Location
  • Austin, TX
  • Size
  • 11 acres
  • Architects
  • Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
  • Michael Hsu Office of Architecture