Philomena Street Octopus

Project Details

The Jessie Andrews Park, located in the Mueller development in east Austin, hosts a large oval shaped lawn, a restroom building, and an octopus sculpture. The octopus, affectionately named Ocho, is a collaboration between AEC, Dixie Friend Gay, Blue Genie Art Industries, and Lars Stanley. Ocho’s head stands at nearly 25ft above the sidewalk level and has a structural steel skeleton encased in a hardened Styrofoam finish, except for the two arms out front, which showcase beautifully scrolling exposed steel. The restroom building is concrete construction, set down into the hillside, and is surrounded by quarry block limestone retaining walls. The park is also home to a custom-made play scape, a table and board game area, and an area designed to accommodate food trucks.

  • Location
  • Austin, TX
  • Artist:
  • Blue Genie Art Industries
  • Dixie Friend Gay
  • Lars Stanley